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Sunday, January 29, 2006

trying to rough out a fight

I started out trying to figure out poses to put my hero in as he was fighting, and then realized that I wanted something to show his strength, in how he could throw people around. So this little sketch page just wound down into roughs of trying to figure how bodies would looke, flung over a shoulder, or into a wall, or even through a wall.

The second image, I was playing with trying to show a stop in motion, with a flying character just out of frame. I think it failed miserably, and I've realized that this type of motion is very hard to convey in a comic panel.

a bad guy

So, every good hero needs an antagonist. The main bad guy in my stories, Dominique, is a powerless (in so far as he has no extraordinary powers) gangster type. He came to power in his city after the super-powered beings started appearing. He saw a means for his end, and began employing powered humans into his organization. He was a street thug, killed his boss to become a ganglord of sorts, and now heads up his own little crime family.

I felt it was important to have a villian in the story that has no powers. It gives a chance to show the jealousy, contempt, and that sometimes even normal humans would certianly have these feelings toward those that are "above mortal man".

I show that with my female police officer, Ralph, as well, with the exception that she DOES have powers, but chooses to try and subdue them every chance she gets. She regards most of the costumed heroes running around as vigilantes, believing that they're operating outside the law. Dominique, on the other hand, sees only the chance to corrupt and extort the super-powered, figuring that since they are still human, they still have the same desires for power and money as he does.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

sketches for a cop

action sketches on the cop in my comic, Graham Montross. He's based upon a buddy of mine, who tells me "Hey, thanks for making me look skinny".

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

buildings and leaping

It seems that I like to have poses of guys jumping off of buildings, as I have two seperate drawings of two different characters doing just that. Sans background, of course, as I'm too lazy of an artist to add those in.

Monday, January 16, 2006

dialogue thoughts

I like the idea of surrounding my characters with their speak. Taking what is the snapshot of action and making the speech part of the movement of story. Something like this, but you know... better.

a hero in my universe

So, my two main characters have a dad, and their dad is one of the original heroes in my world. Yes, he's very Supes-esque, and yes he has a dual identity, and yes this idea has been done before. But, hoepfully, my subtle twists I have in the story will help it stand out.

I tried to reach a 30's inspiration smashed with some sort of manga armor sorts in the costume. He is, of course, still in development.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

the new Wild?

So, Wild Escapade came to look more like a 50's starlet, as far as hair and make up would go. But then, after these first intial sketches, I refined her a little and know she has more of a modern look to her, but I kept the dark hair and eyes, and kept her with a Latino background.

a girl character

So, quite a few years ago, one of my first ideas for a comic was for a girl spy. Then Danger Girl came along, and I shelved it, as it had just too many similarities to Campbell's creations.

Above, are some of the first sketches of Wild Escapade, who actually made her way into my current comic book story as my detective Ralph. Wild has since been revamped, and in turn made her way with her partner Simon into my new hero world. I know this really makes no sense to anyone else, but it's how I like to keep my ideas going. Have my own little world created, in which I can place whatever idea into it. Wild was originally a blonde haired vixen-spy, but then that physical image actually became Ralph, and Wild became a Latino girl, dark skinned and a little more sultry.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

random sketch

At some point in time, this blonde spy (Simon) will show up in a story somewhere. His partner is Wild Escapade (tm), but I squashed the story, as Danger Girl and Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang were big at the time. There were too many similar traits.

But Wild was my girl spy. More on her later.