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Sunday, January 29, 2006

a bad guy

So, every good hero needs an antagonist. The main bad guy in my stories, Dominique, is a powerless (in so far as he has no extraordinary powers) gangster type. He came to power in his city after the super-powered beings started appearing. He saw a means for his end, and began employing powered humans into his organization. He was a street thug, killed his boss to become a ganglord of sorts, and now heads up his own little crime family.

I felt it was important to have a villian in the story that has no powers. It gives a chance to show the jealousy, contempt, and that sometimes even normal humans would certianly have these feelings toward those that are "above mortal man".

I show that with my female police officer, Ralph, as well, with the exception that she DOES have powers, but chooses to try and subdue them every chance she gets. She regards most of the costumed heroes running around as vigilantes, believing that they're operating outside the law. Dominique, on the other hand, sees only the chance to corrupt and extort the super-powered, figuring that since they are still human, they still have the same desires for power and money as he does.

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