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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

character stuff

I've been playing more with getting rid of dialog balloons, and telling more of a story as a running narrative as the background of what I draw. It works because I'm lazy, and don't like drawing backgrounds, and I've found that I can do some fun stuff with the words themselves and make them into buildings and trees, and it creates a kind of trippy environment. Who knows, all that may just go away and I'll head back to the traditional box form, or we could see a combination of both.

I've found that going back to old drawings and adding to them is actully helping me draw new stuff. Looking at old skethces, I've been writing down environments and story elements, something to add to what was just a sketch. A lot of that is the scribbling you see behind the drawing.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Not a lot to say today, just throwing up a couple of studies on my cop character.

Someday soon I'll have fresh material. By soon I mean within the next 3 months.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Ralph studies

Three early studies of Ralph. As mentioned earlier, her physical appereance was actually taken from a different idea I had for a girl, Wild Escapade, a spy-type chick. I like this cop character better. I also noticed that in the first pic here, and in the collage of images, I made Ralph left handed, which I happen to like. You don't see that many left handed characters. At least, none come to mind, right off.

misc drawings

It's been a while since I jumped over here to update. To busy in "real life", I suppose. So I'm going to place some older drawings of characters and misc stuff.

These two are come preliminary studies of Triumph, the established hero in my comic. He's went through several changes, but I've kept coming back to this original design, of him being a professor, middle aged, and his costume taking hints from 1930's aviator outfits.