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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

character stuff

I've been playing more with getting rid of dialog balloons, and telling more of a story as a running narrative as the background of what I draw. It works because I'm lazy, and don't like drawing backgrounds, and I've found that I can do some fun stuff with the words themselves and make them into buildings and trees, and it creates a kind of trippy environment. Who knows, all that may just go away and I'll head back to the traditional box form, or we could see a combination of both.

I've found that going back to old drawings and adding to them is actully helping me draw new stuff. Looking at old skethces, I've been writing down environments and story elements, something to add to what was just a sketch. A lot of that is the scribbling you see behind the drawing.


marne said...

I'd love to see an example of the words being a picture background as well. Like trees.


Chadd Keim said...

I have some other examples of stuff like that around the ole' drawing desk. I'll put some of them up here.