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Friday, May 26, 2006

old school

In the early 90's, a couple of friends and I had airbrushes, and we would airbursh about every comic character, cartoon, star wars vehicle you could imagine... whatever we could get money for. For a while, it was some pretty good money doing it, for a high school/college student.

This pic of warblade, from the original WildC.A.T.S. series, was one of the first things I tackeled, over 13 years ago, I think? I have no idea whatever happened to this shirt. I recently found quite a few photos of airbrushed artwork I had done. Some of it was defintely just for the money, other stuff was just me wanting to create something. I miss using the airbrush. These days not only do I hardly ever have a need for it, but there's just not any extra time to set up the equipment, and do it. I remember a week where I airbrushed twenty shirts for a local radio station's promotion of "The Crow", when the Brandon Lee movie came out. That was... tiring, but a big learning experience.

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