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Sunday, July 30, 2006

webcomic coming. watch for it.

So, I've partnered up with another guy, and we''re going to launch a webcomic after the Summer Con season is over. It'll involve some of the antics of the guys you see in the pic here. We're going to cover some of the idiosyncricies of coporate life. Think of it as something like Office Space meets The Tick. Kind of. But even funnier.

Reruns, but with a new cast

So here we have two drawings of the same situation. After some third party critiquing, I changed a few things from the first one, and we got the second. With the newer version, I am going to send it off to my new art and creative partner for inking, and then have it come back to me for some grayscale coloring, and little photoshop tweaking. We'll see how it looks after that. Mainly, all I wanted to change was the arm he was ripping off, and give a little better face to the cyborg assassin he's destroying. I'll post the finished version in a couple of weeks.