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$15 for pencils. $25 for gray scale. $35 for full color.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Marvel sketch card up for bid

If you work quickly, you can get a bid in on one of my Marvel sketch cards over on eBay.

It's a Hulk/Spidey card I did. I'll find a better scan of it later.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I kind of knew who Blackbolt was, from my years of reading Marvel comics. As I researched his look, I had no idea what kind of a bad ass he truly was. His powers are cool, and anything to do with energy manipulation lets me do some artsy stuff with color, so I always like that.

I really dig the way this one turned out.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is my favorite version of Angel/Archangel. When this change first occurred in the comics, I was never crazy about the costume. I didn't understand how bright blue and pink colors made this character suddenly evil. It didn't mesh well with me.

After time, when Warren Worthington III turned back to the good side, I accepted the costume, and still think the line design is cool, even if it is bright pink.

this card was a challenge, to try and figure out what I was going to do with the wings. Angel himself I wanted to show as a stoic figure in this one, looking strong, but casually floating.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cloak and Dagger

I had never drawn cloak and Dagger before, the Marvel duo that I first started reading in the late 80's. After doing this card, I hopped online to read about their history again, and remembered why I liked them in the first place. They were kind of reluctant heroes, cleansing souls that had been damaged like theirs were.

In the early comics, I never got the sense that they were lovers, but this was explored more in the newer series they've been in. I thought that a pose with Dagger showing a hint of sensuality, and Cloak showing his own sense of protectiveness for her, was the way to go. Pretty damn happy with how this card turned out.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Drawing sketch cards

Looking through some past entries, I realized that I hadn't posted a lot about the sketch cards I did for the Marvel Masterpieces II set. Over the next couple of weeks, I'll post up some examples of cards I finished. Here's X-23.

The first one is, of course, the pencils for it. I didn't really know a lot about this character, until I started looking for reference shots of her, and then discovered that she was a clone of Wolverine, and that she had made her first Marvel appearance ever in the XMen animated series around five years ago.

She was an interesting challenge. Based on who she is, you want her to look tough, but not manly. Sexy, but not swimsuit model sexy. I kept her lean, but placed some muscle in there, and made sure her hair had that flowing quality, to soften her features a bit.

I really like how she turned out, as I'm getting better with using the watercolor pencil for the white highlights, which can really make an image pop with a fgew, subtle lines to show detail.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm open for the remainder of Sept, to do sketch card commissions.

$20 for pencils.
$30 for grayscale.
$40 for full color.

I originally had 10 spots, but now have only 6 open spots left.

I'll start making myself available for more, later in the year, but I can't guarantee the prices will be the same (might go up a few bucks in the new year). At the rate in which I am able to work, I figured that 10 cards for the next two weeks was doable, and I'm beginning to think that's about right.

If you're interested, leave a comment, or shoot me an email with what you'd like. Any subject is open.
Cards will be done on Blue Line Pro sketch cards or custom cut Bristol vellum, which will have a tan "brown paper bag" background.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

super nursing

My wife is in nursing school, and as one of the graduation fund raisers, her class wanted to create some original tee shirts. This task ultimately fell to me, as the class wanted to see something that was like a "super hero nurse". That was pretty much the extent of the direction that I received.

I did a couple of different drawings, and decided to go with a toned down version (character wise), and set up the two figures in heroic poses, but keep their proportions in a more reasonable state. After a couple of color edits (I still think the black guy might print a little dark), and some background design, I came up with the final version.

Eventually, I'll have a pic of one of the tees this ends up on.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Marvel sketch cards

Two of my cards that were part of the ten "artist proof cards" that were sent back.

I'd type more about how much fun these were to work on, as well as the other eight (which haven't been approved yet), but man, I'm tired.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

sketch cards

I've started doing more small commissions for people, in regards to sketch cards. A couple of the more recent ones I've finished are for my friend Tony, shown here.

I finally caved and bought some PrismaColor markers and grayscale pens. I'm such a numbskull for not making this investment sooner. They're very easy to work with, and give quick results. I'll be doing a lot more experimenting with them in the future, so watch for more art marker stuff to show up here.

I don't usually post too many finished commission pieces here. I generally leave it up to the client, as to whether or not they'd like me to post up a pic of what I finished for them (sometimes, they're personal pieces), so I just leave an open note as to whether or not they'd like me to show the finished piece. I've begun moving away from that, and posting up either pieces in progress or finished items, like these cards. I think I've changed my mind to the fact that, even though I'm doing a piece of art for someone, and it's theirs to do with and display as they please; it's still my drawing, and my chance to share with others.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Dragon vs. crazy humans

I'm working inside a fantasy world that, while holding "Earth-like" attributes, is not of Earth. Within this world, there is what has become an age-old separation of human and dragon. For the most part, humans do no like dragons, and vice-versa.

Between each of their worlds is a large expanse of almost impassable wasteland called The Veil. It's an area so dangerous, that even a convoy of powerful dragons will lose members within it. It's one of the main reasons humans and dragons have stay separated for so long.

Once a group of dragons passes through The Veil, attempting to get into Man's Land, they run into a huge stretch of mountains, that run from one sea inlet to another. The land narrows to a long strip of rocky terrain, that dips into a valley called Klegg's Pass. Over the generations, humans (fearing dragons return to their land) used both magic and physical land movement, to build up the area just outside The Veil, so that there was only this bottleneck left.

The comrade of humans, elves, dwarves, halfings and giants building the natural barrier came upon a group of barbaric hunters. The group's intent was to build a mountain range along the entire expanse of The Veil, making a natural barrier so high, that even the most powerful dragon would experience hardship, even death, flying at such an altitude. Upon encountering these naked savages, a few of the group's leaders tried to interact with them, to let them know their purpose in building the natural boundary. The savages killed all but one o them; a giant named Juxtaik Klegg, who came back missing his right arm, from elbow down.

Klegg pronounced the project finished, advising that the barbarians they encountered were unmoving in their intent that the range come no further, and that they would stay in their hilltop villages, fighting to the last man to stay where they were. Klegg was the only one out of the leaders to remotely understand the savages, whom he continually referred to as "naked berserkers".

Klegg, favorably intelligent for a giant, and considering himself a sort of archaeologist, opted to stay behind, and live out the rest of his years just below the pass. Stories would come back of him trying to trade and interact with the Berserkers, but they always ended with him incurring some sort of injury. As the years passed, mapmakers began referring to this narrow stretch of valley as Klegg's Pass, and the rarely seen indigenous people there were known as The Naked Berserker's of Klegg's Pass.

Some travelers have reported seeing a one armed giant walking along the hillsides of the area, gathering food, and ducking back into his cave of a home. Others had reported sightings of dragon carcasses, hacked to bits, scattered across kilometers of land, their bones showing teeth and gnash marks. Legends began spring up about the Naked Berserkers; unbeatable savages whose hatred of not only dragons, but anyone who was not of their own, spread throughout the world. Over the years, people began to rest easy that not only would dragons have a hard time passing The Veil and all of its unexplainable dangers; but that once they attempted to navigate Klegg's Pass, they would encounter the Naked Berserkers, and either die, being overrun by the sheer numbers of insane warriors, or turn back, their losses to great to continue.

Monday, June 09, 2008

battle dwarf

Grabbed some D&D 4 sharacter sheets from Grant Gould's website.

For you folk who still dig the table top RPG, you probably know that Dungeons and Dragons 4th Edition is launching a series of new handbooks and such over this summer. Stuff I've read from different reviews show a lot of people liking the simpler gameplay, among other things. I never was a big D&D guy myself, not really playing much after middle school. I had a lot of the character books, and I think I still have an old Monster Manual around here somewhere.

I've been knee deep in drawing the fantasy stuff, and used one of the templates Grant provided players (download at his link above), and sketched up a warrior dwarf fella, before I hit the hay. If anyone else wants to grab the templates he provided, he's offering them up for players.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

iron and beards

In this fantastical world Jason and I are attempting to build, there are four kinds of dwarven (sic?) people.

You'll have your typical, conservative, superstitious people, locked in the old ways, still sporting the long beards, the traditional dress, and the old way of life. They mine ore, bot with uses of magic and without, are non-trusting of any outsider, and stick to this old way of life til death.

There's also a more moderate, farmer sect of dwarf; and from them dwarves who are traders and merchants. These people have shed a lo of the old ways, and are in constant conflict (non-violent, more like a familial squabble) with the mountain dwarves. They have different hairstyles, trade with other races, and are generally more social than the mountain dwarves.

Then... then, there's pirate dwarves. PIRATES. And they have mohawks, or are bald... or whatever I ant to do with them. While making up their look will be fun, it will be more challenging designing their ships, since in a design/mathematical sense, most ships are designed with the height of an average human in mind. I forsee lots of steps, and rope ladders.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

elements of fantasy

Aside from the primary elements of Aristotelism, (earth, water, air and fire) we could also have elementals made of gemstone, ice, rock, life energy, light, lightning, magical energy, magma, current (magic) power, metals, mud, plants and trees, smoke, steam, toxins, clouds or other weather items, and spirits. There could be more. Dozens more, based on what we could derive mystical beings to concoct.

It's certainly challenging, trying to envision these creatures (typically of a magic creation), and how they would look. Humanoid, animal, abstract, wispy, rainy... I could go down dozens of avenues.

For now, though, I like this rock guy. I like that he has a hole in his head (presumably from some battle, long ago, which involved catapults), but it doesn't bother him so much. I see elementals as beings that would have a driving force that is akin to instinctual. Kind of like primitive animals, driven by whatever created them in the first place; not bearing good or evil one way or another, but just working on the impulses that have animated them. Some (rocks, trees) are tougher than others (air, water), and some are created to serve a singular purpose. Rock Guy, we'll just say that someone created him hundreds of years ago to simply smash things, and now he's retired to the mountains. Woe to any poor mortal who comes upon him.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

swords and folk

I've never done a lot of detailing for weapons and materials, in anything I've drawn. Finding out different ways old style weapons were/are made, and how it makes them individual has been interesting.

This whole thinking about what elven royalty could look like, or the size comparisons between dragon and human, is something that I'm actually enjoying.

I've always kind of been a research whore, so delving into what could make up the fabric of this imagined world, while time consuming, is invigorating.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

a new hope

My girls were watching Star Wars on the Spike network the other day. Even though we could have watched the really nice, clean versions on DVD, we watched it on TV anwyay. It's odd... there's just something about Star Wars being on TV, that you don't want to turn it away.

dragons and swords

Scribbles of ideas for a fantasy project Jason Truman and I are working on.

Basically, while the story we have will hold your typical fantastical elements; we're creating this world from scratch. It's inhabited by humans, elves, dragons and the like, but it's not earthbound, so it must be different, but the same. Challenging to be sure, even in these infant stages.

Today, we see one of the main characters of the story, and swords of the different peoples.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

comic doodles

A couple of years ago, I started digging into the idea of creating a webcomic. I threw out a couple of strips, trying to experiment with how I wanted to do it.

Ultimately, it was put on hold. Not enough time, for too much work, and my creative partner (Jason Truman) was going through some stuff that didn't allow him to devote anything to helping plot, and left him no time for his color/inking duties.

So, we shelved "Inane Logic".

Recently, Jason and I have been working on a fantasy novel together, and within our brainstorming sessions, we inevitably write down some ideas that come to us, that could be used for a comic strip (because, after all, we are creative geniuses).

Gathering together some of the scrips of paper, and reading through them, I began writing some new stories for our characters, and went out and bought a domain name.

Optioning it over at WordPress, we're going to set up the new comic using the ComicPress theme, and will attempt to keep a running strip going with two or three updates a week, with special "large edition" strips that will have either full gray scale, or full color, done by both Jason and I.

So, to the left are some sketches of some of the characters I'm reviving. It's not often I write something that makes myself laugh out loud (although I am Heee-larious), but some of these that we've done should tickle your funny bone.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

another player commission

A few weeks ago, I had done a gnome commission, and the guy liked it pretty well. He wanted another pic of: "...a perplexed gnome jumping up and down on a box (with a hand in it) in frustration".

The "hand" he's referring to is the Hand of Vecna, something I had to look up, as it seems that my Nerdesh dialiect failed me. I speak pretty good Geek, but some of those regional Nerdesh dialects tend to have some terms that I've yet to encounter.

So, here's the result. I may go back and add some broken tools laying around the ground, but I'll wait and see what the client thinks about it.

Thursday, January 31, 2008


Some images I did for a marketing poster.

I've actually made a ne trumpet guy, as when you look at the fingers on this one, he's got either the longest digits of any human... or I just messed up. Let's go with the latter.

The other one is a sketch of a couple that was dancing as a ballroom dance studio, next to where my girls take dance classes.