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Saturday, April 12, 2008

comic doodles

A couple of years ago, I started digging into the idea of creating a webcomic. I threw out a couple of strips, trying to experiment with how I wanted to do it.

Ultimately, it was put on hold. Not enough time, for too much work, and my creative partner (Jason Truman) was going through some stuff that didn't allow him to devote anything to helping plot, and left him no time for his color/inking duties.

So, we shelved "Inane Logic".

Recently, Jason and I have been working on a fantasy novel together, and within our brainstorming sessions, we inevitably write down some ideas that come to us, that could be used for a comic strip (because, after all, we are creative geniuses).

Gathering together some of the scrips of paper, and reading through them, I began writing some new stories for our characters, and went out and bought a domain name.

Optioning it over at WordPress, we're going to set up the new comic using the ComicPress theme, and will attempt to keep a running strip going with two or three updates a week, with special "large edition" strips that will have either full gray scale, or full color, done by both Jason and I.

So, to the left are some sketches of some of the characters I'm reviving. It's not often I write something that makes myself laugh out loud (although I am Heee-larious), but some of these that we've done should tickle your funny bone.

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