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Sunday, April 27, 2008

elements of fantasy

Aside from the primary elements of Aristotelism, (earth, water, air and fire) we could also have elementals made of gemstone, ice, rock, life energy, light, lightning, magical energy, magma, current (magic) power, metals, mud, plants and trees, smoke, steam, toxins, clouds or other weather items, and spirits. There could be more. Dozens more, based on what we could derive mystical beings to concoct.

It's certainly challenging, trying to envision these creatures (typically of a magic creation), and how they would look. Humanoid, animal, abstract, wispy, rainy... I could go down dozens of avenues.

For now, though, I like this rock guy. I like that he has a hole in his head (presumably from some battle, long ago, which involved catapults), but it doesn't bother him so much. I see elementals as beings that would have a driving force that is akin to instinctual. Kind of like primitive animals, driven by whatever created them in the first place; not bearing good or evil one way or another, but just working on the impulses that have animated them. Some (rocks, trees) are tougher than others (air, water), and some are created to serve a singular purpose. Rock Guy, we'll just say that someone created him hundreds of years ago to simply smash things, and now he's retired to the mountains. Woe to any poor mortal who comes upon him.

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