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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

iron and beards

In this fantastical world Jason and I are attempting to build, there are four kinds of dwarven (sic?) people.

You'll have your typical, conservative, superstitious people, locked in the old ways, still sporting the long beards, the traditional dress, and the old way of life. They mine ore, bot with uses of magic and without, are non-trusting of any outsider, and stick to this old way of life til death.

There's also a more moderate, farmer sect of dwarf; and from them dwarves who are traders and merchants. These people have shed a lo of the old ways, and are in constant conflict (non-violent, more like a familial squabble) with the mountain dwarves. They have different hairstyles, trade with other races, and are generally more social than the mountain dwarves.

Then... then, there's pirate dwarves. PIRATES. And they have mohawks, or are bald... or whatever I ant to do with them. While making up their look will be fun, it will be more challenging designing their ships, since in a design/mathematical sense, most ships are designed with the height of an average human in mind. I forsee lots of steps, and rope ladders.