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Monday, July 07, 2008

Dragon vs. crazy humans

I'm working inside a fantasy world that, while holding "Earth-like" attributes, is not of Earth. Within this world, there is what has become an age-old separation of human and dragon. For the most part, humans do no like dragons, and vice-versa.

Between each of their worlds is a large expanse of almost impassable wasteland called The Veil. It's an area so dangerous, that even a convoy of powerful dragons will lose members within it. It's one of the main reasons humans and dragons have stay separated for so long.

Once a group of dragons passes through The Veil, attempting to get into Man's Land, they run into a huge stretch of mountains, that run from one sea inlet to another. The land narrows to a long strip of rocky terrain, that dips into a valley called Klegg's Pass. Over the generations, humans (fearing dragons return to their land) used both magic and physical land movement, to build up the area just outside The Veil, so that there was only this bottleneck left.

The comrade of humans, elves, dwarves, halfings and giants building the natural barrier came upon a group of barbaric hunters. The group's intent was to build a mountain range along the entire expanse of The Veil, making a natural barrier so high, that even the most powerful dragon would experience hardship, even death, flying at such an altitude. Upon encountering these naked savages, a few of the group's leaders tried to interact with them, to let them know their purpose in building the natural boundary. The savages killed all but one o them; a giant named Juxtaik Klegg, who came back missing his right arm, from elbow down.

Klegg pronounced the project finished, advising that the barbarians they encountered were unmoving in their intent that the range come no further, and that they would stay in their hilltop villages, fighting to the last man to stay where they were. Klegg was the only one out of the leaders to remotely understand the savages, whom he continually referred to as "naked berserkers".

Klegg, favorably intelligent for a giant, and considering himself a sort of archaeologist, opted to stay behind, and live out the rest of his years just below the pass. Stories would come back of him trying to trade and interact with the Berserkers, but they always ended with him incurring some sort of injury. As the years passed, mapmakers began referring to this narrow stretch of valley as Klegg's Pass, and the rarely seen indigenous people there were known as The Naked Berserker's of Klegg's Pass.

Some travelers have reported seeing a one armed giant walking along the hillsides of the area, gathering food, and ducking back into his cave of a home. Others had reported sightings of dragon carcasses, hacked to bits, scattered across kilometers of land, their bones showing teeth and gnash marks. Legends began spring up about the Naked Berserkers; unbeatable savages whose hatred of not only dragons, but anyone who was not of their own, spread throughout the world. Over the years, people began to rest easy that not only would dragons have a hard time passing The Veil and all of its unexplainable dangers; but that once they attempted to navigate Klegg's Pass, they would encounter the Naked Berserkers, and either die, being overrun by the sheer numbers of insane warriors, or turn back, their losses to great to continue.