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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The rest of the artist proof cards

The last of the artist proof cards I had from Summer of ,08, for the Marvel Masterpiece series of sketch cards (of which I STILL have not been paid for), was a 3 card set that shows Wolverine, Shadowcat (Kitty Pride), and Lockheed going up against Magneto. While I was happy with 90% of it, I still am not crazy about how Magneto turned out, for whatever reason.

Shawn Keim's new photography book

My brother has a new coffee table photography book.

This is the cover:

From Summer 08

It's a great looking book, full of awesome pics. I should know, because I am in some of them, and the camera loves me. Shawn once had to buy a new camera, because his old one fell in love with me, was stalking me, and so we had to put it down. True story.

I know that right now you're asking yourself: "Chadd, in these tough times, I personally can't afford it, but I know someone who would really like one. What can I do to help?"

Well, run over to, and hit the entry for the book: Ultra Photography by Shawn Keim

Click on the "share this" tab, and share it EVERYWHERE you can think of. Blogs, Facebook, MySpace, StumbleIt, digg, whatever you can do.

Friday, January 09, 2009

New sektch cards

I received some Christmas cheer, in the form an Xbox360 game, from my buddy Josh. So to return the favor, I whipped up a couple of sketch cards, featuring him.