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Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Pro for The Masses

Here is my approved teaser image for 5Finity's sketch card set for The Pro; a card set based off of the graphic novel by Garth Ennis & Amanda Connor.

Info in a couple of places about it:

If you want to see some other AWESOME examples of the cards being done, head over to

and type in "the pro" in the search field.

I had never read the book until I signed up for this set, and let me tell you, it's hilarious, and Connor's art is awesome. It's a dirty, NSFW super-hero spoof, that actually succeeds in making a valid point about comics, heroes, and the world itself. If you're an adult comic book fan, go grab a copy if you can find it (took me four comic shops, so thank Elite Comics in KS for nabbing me a copy). There is supposed to be a hard cover edition coming out soon, that will partner with this set.